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Nagado Daiko


This very heavy drum is made out of one piece. The skin is nailed trough the body of the drum. It’s not possible to tune the drum because of the nails. The sound is direct and loud.



Shime Daiko


This small drum produces a very hig sound because of the extreme tension the skin is on. Every time after playing, the skin has to be relieved from its tension to prevent tearing apart.



Okedo Daiko


This is the (much) smaller version of the Okedo O daiko.

The sound is warm and dry. Often played in a set of different sized Okedo’s to play delicate melody’s.



Flying drums


Made for spectacular acrobatic moves and optimal visual effect. To surprise your guests.

The higher the venue the more spectacular the act will be. Also possible out-side.




Drums Around!


This drum is designed to go all around. The moves, made possible after a very long and intense study, are phenomenal and so fast your eyes can hardly follow the artist.