A summary of Circle Percussions highlights:


  • A tour across the Belgium coast during the summer season with a spectacular combination of dance, laser, fire street theatre and a lot of drums. Circle played drums Around!, Flying Drummers and a lot of Taikodrums high up in the air. @Diksmuide, Blankenberge and De Panne
  • Grand re-opening of a shopping mall in Antwerpen


  • Recording the music of SONYs game Horizon Zero Dawn. The most succesfull and most expensive Dutch game production ever. A worldwide award winning success.
  • Performances of Flying Drummers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
  • Premieres of SPLASH Drummers in The Netherlands and germany. The new drum act for events with splashing coloured water.


  • Premiere theater show BANG! That Drum
  • 2 days of performing in Belgium @Gym gala



  • June and July, international masterclasses given by Circle Percussion in Luxembourg.
  • June, Performances Japan Festival Amstelveen (the biggest community of Japanese people of the Netherlands).
  • Den Hague, International Festival Classique, performances of Marimba Spiritual from Minoru Miki.
  • Performance with 25 drummers, floating on a stage-on-water, celebrating 750 years Oudewater City
  • TV Performance National Globes ‘Gouden Televizier-Ring gala’. Watch Video.


  • Together with sing Alma Nieto Circle Percussion performed at the grand opening of Bernhoven hospital (Uden) with a ‘tailor made’ song.
  • The Palace of Justice was officially opened. Your Highness King Willem Alexander and Mayor of Amsterdam Mr. Eberhard van der Laan conducted the ceremony.
  • International opening of FIFPro office Hoofddorp with aerial act ‘Air Drummers’ and well known soccerplayer Didier Drogba.
  • Severall performances during dance events such as Climax (Gelredome, Arnhem), Weiter in Paradiso (Amsterdam) and Tomorrowland (Belgium).
  • Circle Percussion played at the inauguration of Your Highness King Willem Alexander. The combination of drums, fireworks, fire fighting boats and fighter jets created a grand spectacle.
  • Opening night of the new performance BIG! MEN! DRUMS!


  • Opening of DefQon.1 Europe’s biggest Hardcore-dance event. Watch after movie.
  • Opening of Mysteryland. World’s largest dance event.
  • Circle Percussion played an amazing Taiko performance, 5 times per day, 2 days long, commissioned by Luyckx, Belgium.
  • Circle Percussion provided a breath-taking performance, together with singer Alma Nieto, in Durbuy, for offshore giant Heerema Fabrication Group.


  • The premiere of the new theatre performance ‘Down to Earth’.
  • On 13 April 2011, Circle Percussion contributed to the Dutch benefit concert ‘Nederland helpt Japan’ to raise money for the tsunami victims that struck Japan.


  • Eichii Saito, performer of KODO, provided master classes and workshops at our Taiko Dojo ‘House of Circles’ on 25th and 26th of June. People who were interested could sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Circle Percussion played in Ahoy Rotterdam at a grand event for Royal Boskalis Westminster, the largest maritime service provider in the world. They celebrated their 100th anniversary.
  • In October, Circle Percussion played at ‘Gitex Business Solutions’ in Dubai. Circle Percussion was invited by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum to perform during the opening of this event.
  • Power plant Maxima-centrale in Lelystad was officially opened. Together with singer Alma Nieto, more than 60 drummers played a specially composed music piece. Watch video.


  • CLT20 Champions League Cricket Opening Ceremony in Bangalore. 65.000 visitors were in the stadium and more than 275 million people worldwide watched this event on TV.
  • Circle Percussion and artist Norman Perryman played their show ‘Kinetic Painting’ in Qatar, commissioned by Vodafone. Watch video.


  • Several performances in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia en Seville for whiskey brand ‘Cutty Sark’.
  • The Dutch TV-station ‘AVRO’ invited Circle Percussion to play at the prestigious ‘Prinsengrachtconcert’.
  • Circle Percussion opens the first Dutch Official Taikoschool:www.houseofcircles.nl.
  • Circle Percussion and Corpus Acrobatics perform together at the opening show ‘Planet Researcher’ for HP Software. This show took place in Vienna.


  • Premiere of the new performance ‘Drums of the World 4’.


  • Premiere of the new family show ‘Tuitende Oren’.
  • Together with several famous Dutch artists, Circle Percussion played at the benefit concert of War Child.


  • Circle Percussion travels to Dubai to perform at the ‘Adventure Summer Surprise Festival’.
  • A huge performance at an event for Microsoft, Belgium.
  • World premiere of ‘Sakurajima’ in conjunction with Corpus Acrobatics during the opening of the ‘Waasland shopping centre’, Sint Niklaas, Belgium.


  • Together with ‘Het Gelders Orkest’, Circle Percussion performs ‘Monochrome’ and ‘Monoprism’. Two legendary compositions by Maki Ishii.
  • Circle Percussion provides the spectacular opening in football stadium ‘Gelredome’, during an event for ABN AMRO.


  • TV-registration ‘Classic Brit Awards’ in de Royal Albert Hall in London.


  • Premiere of the new performance ‘Drumtracks’.


  • Circle Percussion plays at the ‘Standard Bank Festival’, Grahams Town, South-Africa.


  • Premiere of the new performance ‘Drums of the World’ in Germany and Austria.


  • Premiere of the new performance ‘Drums of the World’, 25thanniversary’.


  • Several performances of ‘Drums of the World’ during the ‘Extasia’ Festival, Japan.


  • During the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Circle Percussion provides multiple performances: ‘Drums of the World’ and ‘Kaguyahime’.
  • Together with percussion group ‘Anumadutchi’, Circle Percussion makes and performs ‘Drums of the World’.
  • In conjunction with ‘Het Nederlands Danstheater’, Circle Percussion plays the ballets ‘Falling Angels’ and ‘Start to Finish’ in Edinburgh, Melbourne and Los Angeles.


  • Worldwide tour with ‘Het Nederlands Danstheater’.
  • Circle Percussion plays at the percussion festival ‘Aktion Augarten Festival’, Vienna.


  • 1e Tag der Deutsche Einheid, Bremen. To commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • ‘Kaguyahime’ in Strasbourg, Rome and Bregenz.
  • Concert Bad Gleichenberg Festival, Austria.


  • Opening Frankfurter Buchmesse, Germany.
  • ‘Kaguyahime’, tour in The Netherlands and Sweden.
  • ‘Kaguyahime’ en ‘Falling Angels’, tour in Japan with ‘Het Nederlands Dans Theater’ at the Gujo Hachiman Percussion Festival.


  • ‘Drums of the World’ concerts during the ‘World Expo 1992’, Nueva Musica Festival, Spain.


  • Theatre production ‘Dancer Danger’ with Taller Amsterdam.


  • World tour with ‘Kaguyahime’, performed by Circle Percussion and ‘Het Nederlands Dans Theater’.
  • Several ‘Drums of the World’ concerts with marimbist Keiko Abe in the UK and The Netherlands.


  • The ‘Circle Ensemble’ changes their name in to ‘Stichting House of Circles’. The name of the band also changes. Their new band name is ‘Circle Percussion’.


  • Opening Holland Festival with ‘Kaguyahime’ of Jiri Kylian with ‘Het Nederlands Dans Theater’.


  • A five-week tour through Japan, at the invitation of the ‘Tokyo Summer Festival’.


  • Several concerts with marimbist Keiko Abe and master drummer Eitetsu Hayashi.


  • Dutch tour with the glorious Japanese percussion-group KODO.


  • Performances during the ‘Holland Festival’, the first concert ever that was played on Japanese drums by non-Japanese players.
  • Performance at the ‘Festival D’Automne, Paris, France.
  • World-premiere of ‘Kaguyahime’. In collaboration with percussionists from the ‘Berlin Symphonic Orchestra’ and the ‘Deutsche Oper Berlin, Berlin, Germany.


  • Performance at ‘Holland Festival’ with ‘The Two Fiddlers’. Music was composed by Mr. Peter Maxwell Davies.


  •  ‘Action Painting’ with artist Norman Perryman en mime-player Rene Bazinet. Later on ‘Action Painting’ was called ‘Kinetic Painting’.


  • Several performances at the ‘Nieuwe Muziekfestival’ with compositions of Busotti and Georg Crumb.
  • Performance at ‘Holland Festival’, with opera ‘Houdini’.


  • ‘Circle Ensemble’ was founded by Michael de Roo. The ensemble adheres at that time mainly with contemporary music focusing on drums. The name is due to the composition ‘Circles’ by Luciano Berio with which the ensemble has won a major prize at the International Gaudeamus Competition in 1974.