Styles of playing

To play the Taiko a drummer has to be in a perfect physical condition. Just as Martial Arts it combines physical flexibility, strenght and souplesse. Since 1984 the members of Circle Percussion train on their special Japanese Taikos in the line of Ondekoza and KODO. Some of our masters are Eichii Seito, Yoshikazu Fujimoto and Ryutaro Kaneko.

Miyake style

Miyake is 1 of the 7 islands of Izu, south of Tokyo. Taiko’s accompany the national anthem “Kiyari Uta” which means “song for moving a huge tree”. The song was used to coordinate the labor the workers did to move the big trees. The Nagado Daiko is placed low, resulting in an unusual ‘karate-like’ way of playing. A real intense way of playing, close to the ground moving the body towards the drum while slightly rotate the hip.

Not easy to describe, even harder to do, but when seeing this style you experience a higly energetic way of playing this wonderfull drum with its intense direct sound. A visual spectacle!

Yatai Bayashi style……feared and loved

Every year on the 3rd of December in the provence Saitama, in the region called Chichibu,  a night festival is held. Richly decorated flat cars are pulled towards the town centre. From the small space underneath the car, invisible for the audience, sounds Yatai Bayashi.

Tagayashu Den chose 3 big Nagado Daiko’s for the piece and teached Circle Percussion the same style as KODO. These drums have a lower sound that the normal Nagado Daiko to give a good impression of the atmosphere in the streets of Chichibu, filled with an enormous amount of people pulling the cars.

The rhythm of Yatai Bayashi is complex. The sound is very important, powerfull and loud. The way of playing is incredible, exhaustive, asking the maximum from the player. It makes Yatai Bayashi the most loved but also the most feared piece of Circle percussion.

A true spectacle for eyes ánd ears!

Okedo O Daiko style

Playing this giant of a Taiko is mentally and physically an adventure which never stops. Only a few are able to rule this drum of almost 2 m in diameter. There are a few players of Circle Percussion who play the ODaiko on stage. This is the same at KODO. Unique skills are required!

Video: ODaiko solo – played by Erwin Oudshoorn

Katsugi style

The Katsugi Okedo (Sling Okedo) playing style, which has become extremely popular in the last 10 years, is said to have been directly adapted from the Korean Samulnori instrument called the “Changgo”. It is festival music, real dance-able with a nice virtuose swing. Playing the Okedo Daiko on both sides with the left hand makes it very impressive to view.